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Artist Profile

Zorawat Singh

Nakodar is a holy and famous town of Jalandhar (Punjab). It is also called the earth of god/gods. There is a village named Angakiri (Mehatpur) where Zorawat Singh was born. His parents are Surinder Singh (Father) and Surinder Kaur (Mother). Zorawat’s mother’s background belongs to the Wadali family from Patiala Gharana which is where Zorawat’s love for this music comes from. Zorawat’s interest in signing started early in his childhood. He used to listen to the songs of Nusrat Fateh, Ali Khan and the Wadali brothers regularly and he regards each of them very highly. After completing his education, he started professional musical training from Sh. Pyare Lal Wadali where he gained his style of singing as he developed his voice.
Zorawat is continuing to learn more musical techniques from teacher Sh. Guru Prem Sagar Ji at HMV College, Jalandhar. During this training, he is also participating in various musical programs particularly Sufi music oriented programs. Zorawat has had a lot of success and his fan base continues to grow. Vijay Teji Kumar, the Director of Operations for 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. in India, discovered Zorawat during one of his live performances. Impressed with Zorawat’s talent, Vijay recommended that the owner of the label, Satnam Singh Chatha, sign the talented artist. This is just the beginning of fulfilling Zorawat’s dream of becoming a star!