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Artist Profile

Harry Pannu

Harsimran Singh Pannu (aka Harry Pannu) was born in the village of 19 PS district Ganganagar, Rajistan and raised in Pachranga district, Jallandar, Punjab. At a very early age Harry showed a compelling desire to be on the stage and he delighted in performing during the many mini concerts held at his school.
As a teen, Harry made his move to DAV College, Jallandar, which provided him with the opportunity to enter numerous youth festivals. During those events his natural ability to execute very difficult notes with relative ease was noticed and he was soon invited to become a member of a Dhaadi Vaar group. His presence ensured that he and his group members won many of the fierce musical contests that they inevitably entered.
Through the tough competitions Harry had sharpened his skills and had developed a unique tone which caught the ear of Satnam Singh Chatha, owner of 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc., during a chance encounter in the Punjab region. Satnam immediately signed Harry to the label and encouraged him to take professional singing lessons to begin to train him for the career in music for which he was clearly destined. Honouring the folk traditions while simultaneously nurturing the very talented young singer’s own unique style, Harry’s teachers, Ustaad Mitha Singh Bandai and Ustaad Gulshan Meer, prepared him to conquer the international stage.
Harry is currently in the 5Rivers Entertainment Inc. studios working on his first album entitled ‘O Rabba’ and the accompanying music videos for launch on the global scene. Harry Pannu’s voice is true, his music is righteous, his presence holds power and the world will soon experience this incredibly awesome combination.